Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In loving memory...

Unexpected things happen everyday and there is just no preparing for it.
In loving memory of my dad, John-1937-2011, who unexpectedly but peacefully passed away during his afternoon nap.

He was one of the most selfless, kind, giving and loving people I knew.  He loved people, was very social and he loved animals too.
 So many memories.  Breakfast was his favorite meal and the waitresses at the coffee shop loved him.  I remember as a kid going to breakfast with him and the employees would say "Hi John!" then he would go help himself to coffee. I remember when he worked graveyard hours and in the morning when we'd wake up for school there would be cat food in the garage for the stray cats( my mom never did dig that scene.)  Our love of animals came from our dad.  I remember one time he ran into a fast food restaurant and bought a meal for a homeless man, I'm sure there were many more he did the same for.  There have been people my mom never knew about just calling or showing up at the house with stories about how kind my dad was and how much they enoyed the many conversations and/or visits my dad had with them.  After all of these years my mom is just finding out how truly wonderful and caring my dad really was.

There are so many more memories I have, just to much to share.
I will miss him always.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GF Double Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies

Happy March to you all!  So I didn't post much last month.  Hey it was a short month. lol!  Really though I got a stomache flu and intestinal something that just got me down.  Yesterday was actually the first day I was able to eat somewhat of a full meal.  Anyways I haven't really been on the computer much.  I'm back now!

It's been so cold here on the California Central Coast/Valley, we are just  not used to it being in the 50's day after day.  Burrrrrrr!
It snowed up on our mountain a week ago so we took a  drive up to enjoy for a bit.  We brought Cleo for her first snow trip.  She loved it! 
I love my camera!
Of course Cleo found water.

This tree just looks cool.

Drive back down the mountain.

GF Double Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies

My first attempt at making  GF brownies and the result...amazing!!!  They are so so good.  I think I may even go to the extreme and say "perfect".  Seriously that's how yummy these are.  They are a bit crispy-crunchy on the corners and fudgy inside, just the way I like my brownies.  Right now I'm not going to share the recipe because I didn't write it down..hmmm my bad.  I'm pretty sure I have the measurements right in  my  head but I'm going to make these one more time to be sure.  I may even have a giveaway for these.  I'll keep you posted.

Stay warm!