Saturday, October 27, 2012

GF Spice Donuts and update

Happy Saturday!  Good news for us.....Dave starts his new job on Monday!!!!  What a relief.  We are pretty lucky he was only out of work for less than 3 weeks.  Being that I'm not working we are very happy! 
I was on the lookout for a baked gf vegan donut recipe and found a very tasty one.
Look at the cake like texture.
The recipe is found on Epicurious and is a Plain Cake Donut from Babycakes cookbook by Erin McKenna.
Just click on the Plain Cake Donut link above and it will take you to the recipe.  I did make a couple of adjustments.  I don't like using garbanzo flour in my baking so I subbed it out for sorghum flour and added a dash of nutmeg and about 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon to bring more of a fall flavor to the donut.  These taste the best eaten the same day but will keep for at least 2 days in a plastic container or bag. 
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And the winners are?!!!!

It's finally feeling like Autumn!  Yes!
This has been a bit of a delayed post being that the giveaway for The Raw Food Diet e-book giveaway, written by Hilary Greenleaf,  ended a couple of weeks ago but there has been a bit of an upset in our lives.   My husband lost his job.  He wasn't the most happy where he was but it's always easier when your the one to say goodbye and have another job ready to go to.  Anyways, we are trying to keep a positive outlook on things.  The love and support we are getting and the people who are looking out for Dave has been wonderful!  He's already had a couple of interviews and we know he will be back to work in no time.  As we are dealing with this and seeing all of the people who have called and are concerned for us I realize something.  With so many people, friends included, that have lost their jobs and are struggling,  these things have brought all of us closer together. Friends and family are what help us pull through these hard times.  That along with the necessity of staying as positive as possible.  I'll keep you posted on the job!
Now let's get to the winners of the giveaway.  Congrats to these ladies!!!!
Mandee @ Cupcake Kitteh
LittleMonsttersx14 @ Simple. Easy. Vegetarian.
Next up....Vegan Eating in San Francisco!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gluten Free Lemon Bars/GF Homemade Bread and a Raw Food Diet e-booklet GIVEAWAY!

I just realized how long it's been since my last blog.  Yikes! 
I missed signing up for Vegan MOFO which I really wanted to do to get my butt into blogging more consistently.  My dog Ace is having health issues and I wasn't focused last week because of it. That's when I noticed I just missed the cutoff to sign up. Regarding my Ace dog?  It seems he may have been bitten by a tick from who knows when that has now caused an auto-immune disorder.   His blood platelets were so low when I rushed him into the vet, his mouth and penis were bleeding along with a bunch of bruising that just happened so quickly. He even started bleeding a bit in his eyes. Talk about being FREAKED OUT!!!  He probably will have to be on prednisone for the rest of his life and no more vaccinations for this doggy.  He started having some issues last spring which we treated and then symptoms started coming back so we treated him again in the summer.  Then boom it came back full force this time.  I'll be taking him in for blood work check ups to make sure he continues to make new blood platelets and that the meds are working for him.  This leads me to a question.  Do you know or are you using any type of product to help build your dogs immune system?  I'm thinking if I can help build his immune system up the lower dosage of prednisone he would need.

Shall we move on to some good stuff!

Gluten Free Lemon Bars

I was inspired to make these bars because my son loves lemon bars and the ones he brought back
home from his visit with his grand parents weren't gluten free although they were vegan and amazing!  The lemon filling is taken from Veganomicon and the crust I made up and you can't even tell it was gluten free.  I have to make them one more time and write down the measurements before I can post.
This is my fifth attempt at making a home made gluten free vegan bread.  The first two times I used a gf bread mix and the other 2 from other recipes online.  They were heavy, rock hard and/or raw inside. This one has turned out all 3 times so it's a keeper and it's really good!  My son was very proud of me for having a success with this.  The recipe is from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen. 
As you can see it's makes great toast too!  I left it in a little too long...ooops!
It freezes really well too if you want to make a couple of loaves and freeze one or half of one if you aren't going to eat some everyday. 
The New Raw Food Diet: Going Raw The Fun and Easy Way 
The weather is changing and it's starting to get cooler(finally)so you may be wanting to consume warmer foods but it's still good to keep eating those raw foods.  I was contacted by Hilary Greenleaf who is an author, educator and nutritionist to give away 2 Raw Food Diet e-booklets!  This a great introductory booklet to get you started into eating raw foods from kitchen tools, stocking your pantry to easy recipes.  It's easy to read and understand.  To win this fabulous e-book leave a comment below on your favorite raw food/meal by 10/10.
Happy winning!