Friday, January 22, 2010

Stir fried rice w/herbs de provence and recipe testing!!!

I love herbs de provence!  Instead of using asian flavors for a stir fried rice this recipe uses herbs de provence.  It so flippen good!  Again very quick to make.  I found the recipe once again at Vegetarian Times
and I added brocolli, of course any veggie you want to throw in would work.  I also used crumbled frozen tofu which was perfect for this.

So I've been doing some recipe testing, which kind of slacked do to the holidays, for the wonderful ladies who just released a cookbook last year called 500 Vegan Recipes and are working on another one.  The very talented Celine-Have Cake Will Travel and Joni Marie Newman- Just the food blog and author of Cozy Inside Cookbook.  It's quite fun and I'm so honored to help out with the recipe testing.   So the salad you see up above is an un-tuna salad(it's not yet named as of yet)consisting of tempeh and lots of goodness!  This is a great salad mix that would be great in a sandwich, on a bed of lettuce(like I did) or with crackers even.  I will definitley be making this again and again.

This here is a breakfast pumpkin muffin bar.  Lovely with coffee or tea in the morning.  It is just sweet enough and is gluten free!  My son loved this bar and I packed one per his request in his lunch until they were gone.  He's pretty excited that I get to test recipes out. lol! I have some more photo's of other recipes i've tried so far but my computer isn't letting me down load them right now.  So I'll share those later.   See ya next post!
Oh for all of you Californians, keep try we should have a break this weekend!!!  yipppeeee!


  1. ya i heard we're getting a break from the storm, phew! those pumpkin muffin bars look delicious, your son is a lucky kid! i love herbs de provence too, i DOUSE my squash with it every time, yum!

  2. yes, today is beautiful! :)
    as are your pumpkin bars!

  3. Finally, a break in the weather. Yay! I can go to the farmers market without getting soaked.

    What a great idea for fried rice! It looks delicious! I'm going to have to get some herbs de provence and try it. Thanks! :-)

  4. I haven't tried the recipes you tested yet, the not-tuna salad looks really gorgeous!

  5. that's so awesome that you're a tester for Joni & Celine. yay! i can imagine all those tasty yummies you're testing out are beyond amazing. the pumpkin muffin bars sound wonderful, and i'm digging the un-tuna salad as well. i love your idea to use herbs de provence in a stir-fry - what a brilliant and delicious idea, JoLynn! i'm looking forward to drooling over more tester recipes and dan and i will put "it might get loud" on our netflix. thanks for the suggestion! :)

  6. I have been craving fried rice like nothing elese lately- YUM! Okay, that settles it, I'm making some for dinner before I drool all over my keyboard!

  7. Recipe testing is so exciting, isn't it? Your food all looks really great!