Tuesday, August 10, 2010

POM Wonderful Review

Good morning to you!  Hey I just realized this will be my second post within a weeks time. That must mean I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Slowly.....

My last post I wrote about my vegan journey and I loved reading all of your comments.  I think sharing our stories of how we have gotten to this point in our life really helps strengthen our decision to be vegan. It also help others to see that it is reachable.  I hope to continue reading your stories and many more who decide to make the change to a vegan lifestyle.

Below is my review of POM Wonderful juice.
I was more than happy to have the opportunity to try a case of  POM Wonderful.  
Growing up, my grandparents had a huge pomegranate tree in their backyard.  My mom would have us open the fruit up outside and eat them outside so there would be no mess in the house.  Yum!  So anyways, Keaton, Dave and I tried the juice out and we really liked it! Each bottle went a long way because we used it in our tea, added it to sparkling water, lemonade, or just added more water , since it's from %100 percent pomegranate juice concentrate. It has a full deep pomegranate taste, so adding extra water to it didn't dilute the taste too much. 
You can also reduce the juice down  and make a lovely syrup to pour over pancakes, non-dairy ice cream or even tofu! 

Pomegranates are LOADED with antioxidants!  The antioxidants in Pomegranates are higher than even red wine!  It's a superpower of antioxidants.

So with that being said here are some other great facts about POM Wonderful:
They are a California company up in the San Joaquin Valley
Wonderful is actually the name of the type of pomegranate they used(who knew there were different varieties?)
They use up every part of the fruit in some way
They manufacture their bottles right next to their filling plant=less transportation waste
They grow, harvest, process and ship their own pomegranates
They use a drip irrigation system=less water usage 

There you have it!  For those of us that live in California we have a local company that we can support.  For all of us that love pomegranates and want to have some available to us year round this is a great choice!

Next blog:
Do organic veggies really cost more?
How much do you think all of this cost?  There are 6 cucumbers, 8 large zucchinis, 2 large heads of lettuce, 5 beets, 1 large sweet onion, 2 lemons, head of garlic, 1 small silverline melon and 1 bunch of parsley.


  1. Omg did not know you changed the site that is how long I have not gone on a blog including my own. It looks good.
    I think everything cost around 14 usd

  2. POM was in trouble a few years ago when it was reported that they did animal testing to support their health claims. It caused a big uproar and they have since changed their ways. Good thing, because I really like the juice. I don't know if you drink alcohol, but since I'm in the booze biz, I do. ;o) Anyway, if you take a champagne flute, put in 1 oz. POM, 1/2 oz. Cointreau and fill with a sparkling wine (I like Martini Asti for this. The sweet goes nice with the tart of the juice) Garnish with a few frozen cranberries and you have a tasty, elegant cocktail.
    Thank you for your e-mail too. It was very nice of you to take the time. Very encouraging too!
    As for the organic produce...I don't know what the prices are like where you are, but here in Ontario (Canada), that would probably cost somewhere around $30.

  3. Carrie- POM when they stopped the animal testing, it was such a great thing and that's one of the reasons why I agreed to do a review for them. Plus I love pomegranates!
    I'll have to try that cocktail, it sounds wonderful!

  4. Lovely haul of veggies you've got there- I know that they'd cost one pretty penny at my local grocery store, so I'm looking forward to reading more in your next post!

  5. Just wanted to tell ya: I really enjoyed reading your vegan journey story :).