Friday, October 1, 2010

Walk for Farm Animals!!!!

I'm so frustrated!  I've been using our laptop because our office is out of sorts do to painting, etc. and I now can't seem to download my pic's.  Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.  I'll have to wait until Keaton gets home so he can help me.  I'll be brief this post and explain what we've been doing and why I haven't posted lately.

Dave and I have been busy redoing our office/music/guestroom.  We are also refinishing a piano that was given to us from a neighbor who decided years ago to paint it a white shabby chic style.  It looks like she painted rather quickly and with a flat paint which doesn't clean very well.  We are trying to refinish as quickly as possible so we can bring it back inside the house and so Keaton can get back to playing. I'll post the finished piano when done. Lastly we are working on our yard.  So lots of house stuff!

This past weekend, out here in California, we got hit with a heat wave. We may be under 100 today, yay!  At least the nights are down in the 50's which is good because we don't have air conditioning.

Before I continue my day....Have you signed up the Walk for Farm Animals, Farm Sanctuary Walk?  Tomorrow morning I will be walking for Farm Animals with a good friend of mine. If you don't have a walk near you, you can make a donation on line or go to my fundraising page, First Giving which located on the top right of my page here.  It should be a really good turn out this year I'm really looking forward to it and then afterwards we will all be eating at Mary's Secret Garden, which is a great little vegan restaurant right across the street from where we will start our walk.  I'll post all about it afterwards.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'll also be doing the walk but I think I'll be going to the one in Claremont. I really wanted to do the one in Long Beach but that ties in with the same day of CicLAvia..they'll be closing down 8 miles of street in LA and allowing only bikes to ride that area. I can't wait to see all your pictures from the walk..sounds like its going to be super fun!