Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Spring!

It's a beautiful day today!   Everywhere you look there are orange poppies popping up   In our yard, in our neighbors yards, on the side of the roads, on the moutains.  They are so pretty!  I love the Spring.
One of my favorite flowers is the Sweet Pea.
They are so fragrant.  I put some on my nightstand.

As you can see Merlin is enjoying the weather and flowers as well.  Although he is laying under the bird feeder!
Cleo and Ace trying to look for trouble.
Peaches!  Our one peach tree is loaded with peaches this year.  I can't wait until they are ripe.
If you are looking for a yummy hot cereal that's gluten free try Cream of Buckwheat.
This is Keaton's new favorite and I've gone through 3 boxes already within a very short period of time.  The brand we are buying is Pocono %100 Organic Cream of Buckwheat.  It has a very mellow flavor nothing like the taste of buckwheat flour at all.

This is the buckwheat cooked.

For dessert last night I made some vanilla cupcakes from VCTOW.  Made some vanilla pudding.  Sliced up some strawberries and melted some chocolate with a bit of non-dairy milk. Then I put it all together to get this!


Enjoy your beautiful day. 


  1. Such beautiful flowers... and that dessert is one of my favorite things in the world. Although I rarely go the chocolate step. Yum!

  2. Happy Spring! I love sweet peas too!

    How wonderful to have your very own peach tree, and that cupcake dessert looks divine!

  3. Tami- The dessert didn't need the chocolate at all I was just feeling like chocolate at the time.

    Rose- Yah for Sweet Peas!!!!

  4. Beautiful spring pictures! That dessert sounds so good!

  5. California poppies are my favorite flower, I love that it's illegal to pick the wild ones. :-)

  6. That cupcake dessert looks amazing! And, Merlin is such a sweet-looking kitty. Hard to believe that he is "plotting"! I'm envious of the spring weather that you are enjoying. It's still snowing and blowing in Tahoe!

  7. Nice pics! Can't wait for my peas to blossom!

  8. Now THIS is what spring should look like- Simply beautiful photos! And thanks for the inspiration, I'll keep on hoping that a similar warmth and blossoming will visit us in this gloomy part of the country, too.

  9. awww, Ace & Cleo make the cutest pair of dogginses - and Merlin looks so happyfaced 'n relaxed! i looooove all your flowery photos (poppies & daisies are my favorite flowers!), JoLynn - they make me so happyfaced. hooray for spring, indeed! might i also add, #1. i am totally jealous of your peach tree and #2. i'm gonna find that hot cereal - it sounds excellent, indeed!

  10. I'm sending good weather and spring flowers to all of you!