Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Homemade gifts

Hi everyone. 
I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Remember to enjoy your time with family and friends because that's what this time of year is truly about. 
Our tree this year.  We always buy a Grand Fir because it smells amazing!!!
Tamales for Christmas.  Red Chile Seitan, Sweet Potato Black Bean and a Red Chile Tofu(instead of seitain).  The recipes are taken from Viva Vegan.  These are a bit time consuming to make but who wouldn't want a homemade tamale!
Personally I think there is nothing more sweet than homemade gifts made with love and from the heart.  Vegan baked goods are always great to give out not only because most everyone enjoys a great tasty treat but they can also see and taste how delicious vegan goods taste.  These cookies above are Russian Tea Cakes recipe from Manifest Vegan.  These are gluten free but you couldn't tell.
There were a few changes I made to the recipe.  I used flaxseed instead of xanthum gum and pecans instead of almonds.
Caramels. I make these only one time a year because they are time consuming especially the cutting and wrapping part but everyone loves them!
One of my girlfriends made me this delicious granola and put it in this cool vintage mason jar.  I have a love for jars.  Two of my  favorite things!
This paper wreath is made from old music sheets.  Cute right?  Pretty easy to make just takes a little time or a lot of time like it did me because I was watching one of my all time favorite movies Summertime with Katherine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.  I've been waiting for that movie to come back on and what a great early Christmas present.  Oh and then Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck was on too! I'm a classic movie junkie. I grew up watching them and I just love how intense the acting is.  Okay I'm losing track but you all have your favorites too right?  You can make these different sizes.  How cute to add a small one to a package.
I save wine corks and I'm always looking for things to make using them.  I've made cork coasters that I gave out last year.  This year ornaments! 
Give as a set or adorn on a package.
May you all have a safe Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas.
Peace and light to you all.


  1. This looks great! How did you make the caramels?

  2. Love your homemade Christmas gifts.. and the ornaments are adorable!

    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Hope you have a very Happy Holiday! Sounds like it will be a delicious one at least. :)

  4. Everything looks lovely! Merry Xmas :)