Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When will it stop? Also gf cupcakes and more...

I sit here typing and thinking at this very moment about all of the animals that are being abused, right this minute!   All around this country!  Some of us don't realize it's happening, I didn't  until a few years ago, and some of us know but turn a blind eye not wanting to know anymore because than they would have to deal with it.   By purchasing animal products, meat, dairy and eggs, we are actually saying this abuse is okay. Some of you may think that's extreme to say but  if you know what's happening to these animals but still choose to buy the products that come from these animals than you are saying it's okay.  I still have tears in my eyes from watching yet another, very disturbing video of a dairy farm in Ohio abusing their cows and calves.  You can watch it at Mercy for Animals or click on the video below.  Like I said this is graphic.

 The people in the video, their behavior is very disturbing and I think if they are acting out on these animals they could act out in a violent way towards human beings.  It's terrible to think about the terror and pain these animals are suffering from when they have done nothing wrong, innocent victims.  Buying "grass-fed", "free-range" and "organic" animal products doesn't mean that the animals weren't abused, they are still taken to a slaughter house and they can do what they want to these animals while they are there.  This has to stop and it can only if we make a choice to change.

  There are so many books, cookbooks and info out there to help with making the change to that of a plant based and compassionate diet. If you truly want to stop this kind of abuse you will stop buying animal products.  It's that simple.
  Now for a lighter tone, how about some GF lemon cupcakes.  The recipe I used was the Gluten Freedom Vanilla Cupcakes from VCTOW.  The only changes were I used sorghum flour instead corn/almond flour and add some lemon juice and lemon zest.  The glaze on top is just organic powdered sugar and lemon juice.

This past weekend went back to our hometown to attend a going away party for some friends, which was a really good time.  Since they are big time margarita drinkers I thought it was the perfect time to make the Margarita Cupcakes from VCTOW.  These are so freakin good!  The cupcake part is a bit like a spongecake and at first I didn't know if I liked it.  When they completely cooled and I spread the frosting on them, it all came together.  The frosting is limey and tastes like a blended margarita, yum!  It also makes alot and is a bit on the thinner side so in the future I will frost the day of the party.  Our good friends that we stayed with, the husband Chad is vegetarian, made a big pot of vegan chilli for everyone and added some cinnamon which gave it a different flavor, but it was nice and it worked!  It's always kind of fun to change things up sometimes.
This was also my first attempt at the Muhumarra Dip from the Vegan Table and I'm addicted.  This also went over very well.  I served it with pita triangles and cut up vegetables.  In the dip I used GF bread crumbs.  The recipe I found was also online so I posted below.

Muhammara (Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Spread)
By Compassionate Cooks
Colleen Patrick Goudreau


2 to 3 whole roasted red bell peppers (fresh or from a jar)

2/3 cup bread crumbs (see below to make your own)

1 cup walnuts, raw or toasted

4 large whole garlic cloves, peeled

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2 teaspoons agave nectar

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (or more for added spice)

In a blender or food processor, combine the peppers, bread crumbs, walnuts, garlic cloves, salt,

lemon juice, agave nectar, cumin, and red pepper flakes. Puree to a smooth consistency. Scrape

down the sides of your blender/food processor, and make sure all of the ingredients are

thoroughly combined. Season to taste.

Yield: 1 cup

Serving Suggestions and Variations

*Most recipes for Muhammara call for olive oil; I don’t think it’s necessary, but feel free to

drizzle some in while you’re pureeing the rest of the ingredients.

*Serve with pita triangles, fresh bread, crackers, chips, carrots, mushrooms, cucumber, or other

raw veggies.

*Make it the day before serving to allow the flavors to mingle.

Compassionate Cooks Tip

To make your own bread crumbs: Place some bread (stale bread works great) in the oven until it’s

crispy but not really browned – at 300 degrees). Let it cool, then add it to your food processor

until it is reduced to crumbs. Add Italian herbs such as dried oregano, thyme, basil, marjoram,

rosemary, black pepper, etc.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It really is too heartbreaking to think about the cruelty happening every day... That's why I hope leading by example, and enticing others with delicious recipes (like this dip, yum!) can convince them to change by themselves.

  2. So heartbreaking. I am so happy that I don't contribute to that. I wish more people would get educated!

    Those cupcakes look amazing! YUM! I could dive right in!

  3. Lauren: Your baby is going to be so lucky growing up to respect all life by not eating them.

  4. that dip loos scrumptious! i want some, NOW!

    super pretty cupcake!

  5. It breaks my heart to think about all the awful things that are happening right now, this mintute this second :(

    On a happier note, hooray for vegan, gluten free cupcakes! Both the original and margarita ones look fantastic!

  6. i didn't get 20 seconds into the video, JoLynn - i just couldn't watch it - i just started crying and my stomach started feeling sick. i know this brutality goes on every damn day and it angers and saddens me so much. i had a vegetarian (she never ate much dairy, which was kinda cool) friend inform me last week that she's gone back to eating meat but only "happy" meat. i wanted to shout "happy meat" is like saying "nice rapist", but i didn't want to disturb the potluck. her "excuse"/justification was that her boyfriend (of just a few months) eats meat and it's "easier" for their meals to be simliar. who is it easier for?! the "happy meat"!?! is compromising your morals easy?! really?! it angered me to the core, JoLynn - and to be honest, i'm having a hard time getting over it. especially when i was venting to another vegetarian friend about it and he stated "yeah, about that....i'm kinda leaning towards eating 'humane meat' now, too." i just had to walk away. but thank you for posting this, JoLynn - i wish everyone would watch this video and i wish the whole world was vegan. think of all the lives saved & animals that wouldn't had to suffer. i wish everyone would stop blindly following the traditional american diet and get a freak'n clue - open up their hearts, their minds - and stop thinking only of themselves. argh!

    on a happier (and less angry) note - your cuppies look wonderful! i love that you used sorghum flour, too. i'm not the biggest fan of corn or almond flour, and sorghum flour's my new fav! i'm glad the texture got better as they cooled, and they're just so cute! i think i'm gonna have to make some cuppies for dan and i soon! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i can feel the sugar rush now. ah ha ha!

  7. Mandee-I know the video is heartbreaking.

    Jessy- I couldn't watch the whole thing either and I also started crying. I've seen so many already and the abuse is not stopping. Video's like this brings you back to reality. I'm so sorry about your friends going back to eating meat. Especially when they say it's just easier. There is no "humane" or "happy" meat." People just try to make excuses so they don't have to feel so guilty. I don't get it. Once I knew about how the animals were treated, there was no going back to eating any sort of animal product.

  8. Oh my God! I couldn't watch the whole of it.
    My heart is just heavy now.. You wonder who is the "animal" there...

  9. Indu- I know what you mean. Even those carnivorous animals don't do what these men do.

  10. that how's dan and i were JoLynn, once we learned about how animals were treated we couldn't turn our heads away - we became vegan and have never looked back. i can't imagine contributing to that kind of suffering and i'm so glad that we don't anymore. i truly believe that the world is becoming more compassionate, i just wish it would go into overdrive and more people would wake up sooner & start caring for all the animals - non-human & human.