Monday, July 19, 2010

Rosemary Lemonade and Grilled Summer Pasta w/Creamy Pesto Sauce

 Another summer monday morning! Right smack in the middle of summer, I love it!!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and kept it cool.

Here are a few pic's from a hike we recently took.

  Dave and I rode our mountain bikes in this area last year and saw a turtle from the trail so we thought it would be nice to take Keaton and hike part of the stream going down the mountain and find more turtles.  Well, we found a little more than a turtle.
This here is a aquatic garter snake, we saw 3 of them.  They are harmless and we grew up with the ordinary garter snake.  They aren't very big and I think they are kind of cute!

This here is a western pond turtle.  This little guy blends in so well with the sand and rock, if he hadn't been laying in the water right in front of me it would have been hard to find him.    I love turtles!!!
We had a great time hiking.  It's such a nice way to spend as a family and we always find something new and we always get great pic's to remember it.

There's nothing like drinking homemade lemonade to cool yourself with on a warm summer day.
This is actually Rosemary Lemonade.  A cafe we go to offers a Rosemary Lemonade so I thought I would try my hand at it.  Keaton loved it and we gave some to Dave and didn't tell him what was in it but the first thing he said was "it smells like that bush by our front door."  He did say it tasted good.  

I don't have exact measurements but this is what I did.  I had some simple syrup made so I reheated it along with  3 large sprigs of fresh rosemary. (simple syrup is made by using equal parts sugar and water, heating it until the sugar dissolves and turns into a syrup).   I let the syrup with the rosemary sit off the heat for about 20min.  In a jar, I used a 32oz. jar and squeezed about 5 large lemons, we like it on the tart side.  Then I poured in the simple syrup and added water 2/3 of the way and topped off with ice.  Pour into a glass and enjoy!

For dinner last night we had Grilled Summer Squash with a creamytomato pesto sauce on pasta.  Grilled yellow summer squash is so juicy and buttery good tasting when you grill it.  Yum!  The sauce was so easy to make, flavorful, yet light on the palate.  A perfect summer pasta!  

Grilled Summer Squash Pasta

Cook up 1 package of pasta according to directions.  Set aside.

Grilled squash
1 Large summer squash, sliced
2 garlic cloves, minced
olive oil

Heat outside grill. In a small casserole dish add the summer squash, garlic and enough olive oil to coat.  Mix with your hand to evenly coat with oil.  You don't want to stick on the grill.  On medium heat add the squash slices and grill for about 10 min. then flip over for about 2-3min. more.  Take off grill and set aside.

Pesto tomato sauce:
4 X-tra large homegrown tomatoes(farmers market) or (storebought but homegrown are so sweet and juicy), chopped 
1 C. white wine or veggie broth(a light broth)
1/2 -3/4 C. basil pesto(I make my own
1/2 C. soy creamer or other non-dairy creamer 
3 red spring onions or green scallions
salt to taste

Heat a medium sized saucepan and add 1 T. olive oil.  Next add in chopped tomatoes.  Let simmer until tomatoes are soft and then add the 1 C. white wine or broth.  Let the white wine or broth reduce to half then stir in the pesto.  Next add in the creamer.  Once heated through take off heat and stir in the spring onions.  Set aside.

To plate, scoop some pasta into pasta bowl.  Pour some sauce onto pasta, add a few slices of grilled squash.  Drizzle a bit more sauce on squash and sprinkle with extra onions.  You can add some fresh cracked pepper over top if you choose.  Serve with a side of fresh green salad!



  1. Wildlife and lemonaid! Nothing is better!

  2. Your pasta looks wonderful. I love grilled squash. That is too funny about the lemonade smelling like the

  3. love the turtle! i have crap tons of basil right now- i'm going to whip up a batch of this sauce!

  4. I would never have thought of using rosemary in lemonade. I bet it is delicious!

  5. Gotta love those summer squash- And I especially love using them to lighten up a quick pasta dish like this!

  6. What a sweet lil' turtle!! It's so fun to meet wildlife when hiking. Thank you for sharing your rosemary lemonade recipe. In my neighborhood there are heaps of rosemary bushes and people are free to take as much as they want. I'm thinking about dehydrating a bunch this weekend!

  7. I love spending a day hiking, it's such a nice break, especially when you find the cutest turtles ever!

  8. Just the title of your post alone drew me in! I love snakes! Hawaii doesn't allow snakes, but I am moving to Omaha and plan on getting one! Your meal looks sooo good!

  9. Love the "smells like the bush by the front door" comment! Rosemary lemonade sounds great after a nice hike. And the pasta too. :-)

  10. Most of our family vacations while our kids were growing up were spent hiking in beautiful places. I love hiking!

    The rosemary lemonade sounds so refreshing. Have you ever tried making lemonade with apple juice instead of sugar? It's a favorite of mine.