Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colbie Caillat at Ventura Farm Walk 2010 and vegan cooking in school

So this past Saturday a friend and I participated in the The Farm Sanctuary, Walk for Farm Animals in Ventura. Colbie Caillat walked right along with us and after the walk sang one song with guitarist Justin Young.  I didn't actually meet her cuz, well, I'm kind of shy in that area but she seemed very down to earth.
This is Melissa on the left who has been hosting the Farm Walk for the last 4 years and is doing a fabulous job!  I'm on the right with a goofy face(I don't really like my picture taken).  The event was solar powered thanks to her boyfriend.  There were vegan baked goods for sale, I made cranberry pumpkin bread, raffles and a plant based dietician, Julieanna Hever, to answer any nutrition questions.  Julieanna is coming out with an idiots guide to plant based nutrition next year. Check out Julieanna's site at
Colbie Caillat
You can see  more photo's from the walk by clicking here from the newspaper.

Carrot Bread

One of the required classes at my son's school is beginning cooking.  He was able to bring home all of the recipes and we went through and veganized them all.  He's really enjoying the class and the extra perk of making all of the recipes vegan is that he and his partner gets to eat and bring more food home than the rest of the class. He thinks that part is pretty cool.  Like this carrot bread above, he made with another student.  They each got to bring a loaf home whereas the other students had to split up their loaves. The great thing about this class is that they rotate partners so that all of the students get to try their hand with vegan cooking/baking.  The verdict so far is that the students are pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the vegan recipes.  I was told that the vegan carrot bread turned out alot better than the original recipe and that everyone loved the vegan rice pudding over the dairy based one.  So, so far so good.  I just think it's great that the kids are learning that vegan food is just as good or even better.


  1. I love that your son is actually educating his classmates about what a vegan diet is like! It would be nice if the next generation would be more open, knowledgeable, and accepting of plant based diets.

  2. Gorgeous photo and it sounds like a great day to participate in!

    And I think it's great that your son's school is supporting the vegan versions and that everyone is enjoyed the delicious results!

  3. Sounds like a great "Walk for Animals" day.

    It's enormously cool that your son is veganizing recipes for his cooking class, and that all his partners will be exposed to what is possible in the world of vegan food (and how yummy it is). Hopefully, they will be the generation who doesn't have a sort of built-in mental block about vegan food!

  4. sounds like you had a great time in the Walk for Farm Animals, JoLynn! yay! i'll fo 'sho check out Julieanna's site. thanks for the link! i don't care for my picture being taken either. ah ha ha! soooo awesome that you and Keaton are veganizing the recipes from his cooking class. getting to bring home more yummies they create is a great perk - and YAY for the class rotating partners and the kids loving the vegan eats! awesome all around!

  5. That is so awesome! Both that the school is opening to making modifications for veganism, and that your son is totally into it. I sure wish there was more awareness when I went through "home etc"... Although I wasn't vegan at the time, and probably didn't even know such a thing existed! We didn't talk about allergies or special diets at all. Thank goodness there's some progress being made in that department!