Friday, December 10, 2010

Back tracking and pineapple guava

Hi everybody!  I guess I really took a bit of a break from blogging after MoFo!  Not on purpose mind you, I've just been busy with Christmas stuff and all that.

Here is our Merlin kitty in between Keaton and his laptop.  He is such a lap cat and cuddler.
Have you ever heard of a pineapple guava?  These gems I spotted at the farm the other day.  We had the worker cut one open for us and said we could even eat the skins.  They taste better without the skins but they are edible.  These are  not a hybrid either, like we first thought.  They do have a pineapple taste to them.  Hmmm could be why they call them pineapple guava....duh!

Yum!  I love trying new foods.

Here's a tempeh salad sandwich on GF bread from Sami's Bakery.  I still can't get over how good this bread is.  I even took a couple of slices to the vegan gal who works at our local health food store to try. 

I'm going to start my baking and or candy making for gifts.  Last year I gave the teachers baked goods and they loved them.  Yummy posts soon to come.  What are you baking or cooking up for gifts this year?

Keep warm and toasty this weekend!


  1. Merlin is adorable! One of my cats likes to get on my lap even if my lap top is there <3

    And yum, I love regular guavas (but I hardly ever find them) but I have never heard of their yellow relatives!

  2. I'm definitely baking cookies and bars. I'm interested in what vegan candies you whip up.

  3. awwww! Merlin looks so cute and content. i just love him! our kitties love to snuggle, too - and our dog julie (a 50lb pitbull mix) seems to think she's a lap dog as well. ahahahahaha!

    i'm still on my blogging break! tee hee! the christmas season is a busy one this year, but i hope to have time to bake some cookies for dan and we have a potluck i'm gearing up for next week. since we're gonna be the only vegans there i'm bringing 3 dishes (2 mains and a dessert) so it should be yummy and fun. w00t!

    never heard of the pineapple guavas, but i'm gonna keep an eye out for them - they look really cool and sound delicious!

    i can't wait to see what you're gonna be cooking up, and hoooooray for liking the Sami's bread so much - it's my fav!

  4. Love your kittie. I also posted a guava recipe...Caribbean Guava cookie with a guava filling I make a lot. I just love guavas. I used do go under the guava trees at my Grandma's house and I wouldn't come out until i was super full of eating them...they are delicious.

  5. Pineapple Guava also goes by the name Feijoa, which is how I've always known it... they're not half bad, with that weird sherbet-ish taste. I seriously recommend you make them into sorbet; it's phenomenal, I promise! :)

  6. Yum, guavas are so yummy! Great find at the farm. Merlin looks very happy and content. :-)

  7. Millie- what nice memories of your child hood and hiding under the guava trees and eating as much guavas as you can.

    Megan-thanks for the info. I can totally see how a sherbert would be wonderful made with these.

    Jessy- it is busy right now. Taking a break from blogging after MoFo...I totally get it.

  8. What a sweet kitty!
    I've never heard of the pineapple guava, but it sounds yummy.
    I'm also baking cookies as gifts again this year, but will proabably sew up a few stockings to put them in for Guppy's teachers. Hopefully on Wednesday, since Friday is her last day of school before break!

  9. Pineapple guava, how cool! That's a new one to me... I love finding new produce too, but my poorly stocked local markets rarely carry anything interesting or exotic. So jealous!

  10. hey dreamin! Yeah, I've been on a bit of a break too. Plus, there're christmas, and then I'm leaving for 5 weeks in india... so there's not a lot of innovative cooking going on just now.

    However.... You won one of my cookbooklette from my Vegan Eats & Treats blog! Send me your mailing address please, and I will get your booklette in the mail tomorrow!
    :) xo!

    ameyfm at yahoo dot com