Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Homemade Caramels

It's definitely the holidays.  Cold, rainy, beautiful lights, cinnamon, ginger and pine!   I hope everyone is well and staying nice and toasty warm.

So Christmas is a few days away.  Do you have your menu planned?  Dave is going to grill outside, since he is cooking animal meat for his side of the family.  My plans for the rest of the menu is to make a butternut squash lasagna, grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms, roasted root veggies, some kind of greens, rolls, and a green salad. Oh and today I'm going to try and make tamales.  Let's hope they turn out. Fingers crossed!

I made these packages full of goodies for Keaton's teachers this year. Rumnog cookies fromVCON that I highly recommend, caramels and mocha caramels.


Mocha Caramels

These were my first attempt at making caramels.   It does take some time to make these.  It takes about 55min or so to cook on the stove while you have to stir often.  Cutting and wrapping the caramels were the most time consuming but they are worth it.  

I was messing around with some extra caramel and made a pecan turtles.

Happy baking and candy making. Keep those ovens on to keep yourselves warm.  If you are in Australia then you might want to be sitting in a pool eating a popsicle. lol!

I'll be back with the results from my tamales before Christmas!


  1. It's fun to make Christmas sweets for presents. I just made dough for gingerbread cookies. It smells and tastes so good!

  2. Wow.. those look amazing! Merry Christmas!

  3. Those caramels and other treats are so pretty and look so yummy. What a nice gift for Keaton's teachers.

    Your Christmas menu sounds wonderful too!

    Good luck with the tamales.

  4. These are totally awesomely bad ass!

  5. Caramels of any flavor make such a great gift- Whoever got those sure is lucky!