Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Vegan Valentine's Day to all of you!

Since I  didn't  make any sugar cookies for Dave and Keaton over the winter holidays I went a head and made a batch for Valentine'sDay.  Click here for this perfect sugar cookie.  It is a bit chewy and soft on the inside and just a bit crisp on the outside.  If you like a crispier cookie roll it out thinner and cook a bit longer.
Some of the cookies I made into a sandwich style and filled with a raspberry tofutti cream cheese like filling and a chocolate filling.  The Chocolate "Buttercream" Frosting I used is so tasty and it's not loaded with margarine and sugar.  This amazing recipe is from Ricki at Diet, Dessert and Dogs and you really must try it to believe how good it is.  The only change I made to the recipe is that I used cocoa powder instead of carob powder and I added about 1/3C. of organic powdered sugar.
Speaking of love...I'm so in love with this salad!  Dave and I had this for lunch one day so I added the tofu just to make it a bit more filling. The ingredients are bok choy, romaine, edamame, carrots, cucumber, and the noodle and dressing mixture is taken from Gramma's Bok Choy recipe.  Then drizzle with sesame oil.  In regards to the dressing for this, the recipe calls for quite alot of sugar that's really unnecessary especially if you use a different vinegar.  For instance  I used a Green Apple Ginger Golden Balsamic Vinegar(whoosh... take a breath) from Global Gardens, which is already on the sweet side.  You can also sweeten the dressing with other sweeteners if you choose.   For more of a slaw salad you can slice the bok choy and lettuce thinner and use more dressing.  Yum this is so good!  Oh and go ahead and add some chunks of avocado and shredded  nori on top which is also delicious!

Dave, Keaton and I are staying in tonight.  Keaton picked the meal for me to make and I'm making a little something for dessert.  Hopefully it will rain and we can enjoy our evening by the fire watching a movie and/or playing a game.

Enjoy your Valentine's with your sweetie and/or sweetie's! 

Oh and remember to share the love with all of our animals. 

XOXOXO to my Cleo dog and Merlin kittty!


  1. So sweet post! I will definitely try making these cookies some day. This year I'm not celebrating Valentine's. I don't know, it was already Valentine's Day when I woke up and I hadn't prepared anything. That's how forgetful I am... But I'll give some small handmade presents to my closest friends at the end of this week, I think. :D

  2. Those cookies are so pretty and look so tasty! Happy valentines day!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Those cookies are so pretty, and that salad looks awesome!

    Enjoy your evening by the fire (i'll keep fingers crossed for rain).

  4. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Very cute cookies, they're both festive and tasty-looking.

  5. Those cookies look perfect and thanks for reminding everyone to share the love with animals :) Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Happy V Day to you too! The cookies are perfect!