Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creme Brulee #1

Howdy everyone! I've been slacking on my blogging...but no more of that!  As long as my computer doesn't act up like it has the last couple times I've tried to blog.  errrr!

My first organic chard grown in a big terra cotta pot!

 I'm on a quest to find the perfect vegan creme brulee recipe with the help/input of my husband Dave. He loves creme brulee where as I've never  I was given the ramekins and torch as a Christmas gift from my son.  I guess he was trying to tell me something because I've been saying I was going to be  doing this for quite sometime.

So recipe #1 was found at Vegan Good Eats

Sugar is sprinkled on top of the custard.
Then the chef's torch comes out!  We all had turns using the torch.  It was fun.

The verdict according to Dave.  While this tasted good it didn't taste like creme brulee.  From what he is saying it sounds like Creme Brulee is more custard(egg)like, a bit thicker and with vanilla bean.  We kind of thought it tasted like flan but way better.   
Onto the next recipe!

Enjoy your night!


  1. Wow, you already have chard? That's amazing (at least if you live here...)! Yes, that crème brûlée looks a lot like flan! I didn't look at the recipe, but maybe a little bit of black salt would provide some eggy flavour.

    1. Mihl,
      I'm thinking that I might try to use custard powder in my next recipe. We'll see. If you do like flan there is a really good coconut one in Veganomicon and then this tasty treat.

  2. That chard! So awesome! Bird's Custard powder sounds like a good idea.

  3. What a stunning brulee'd sugar crust! That's what it's all about anyway, so even a sub-par custard could be overlooked with the proper topping. I'm curious to hear how your next trial goes. (Psst, I do have a no-bake pumpkin creme brulee in Vegan Desserts) ;)

    1. Thanks Hannah! It was pretty cool to work with the chef's torch. I do have your recipe that I need to try I'm just trying to come up with a recipe that's as close to the dairy version to satisfy my husband. There is also a friend of ours that keeps asking about a vegan creme brulee as well. So if you'd like to help out in this challenge,ahem, I really don't mind!

  4. Maybe the custard part didn't come out perfect, but you sure nailed that sugary crust! Looks delicious. I had a pistachio creme brulee at very nice restaurant in France that spoiled me - I fear none will ever match up to it. :)