Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rum Jumbie

The first batch of holiday treats and also my first go around with these cookies from VCON. Rum Nog cookies and these babies rock! Slightly soft on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside. These would be a nice addition to your holiday cookies this year. I will be making these again for Christmas. One issue I did have was that the dough was rather soft so I just had to carefully roll it into the pecans using 2 spoons. I also cut down the sugar to 3/4 cup.

The only dark rum in the house I had to use for these cookies and the frosting was this cute guy down here, Rum Jumbie. Can you hear the waves crashing and the heat of the sun? Ahhhhh I wish I were back in St. Martin where I got this wonderful rum. I made the frosting this morning and I tell you, I could of started drinking this rum, especially because I was in one of those funky blah moods. Now, now, I'm not saying to start drinking when you are depressed but I tell you, rum makes me so happy!!!


  1. rum makes me happy, too - and so does that happy little rum bottle! i love it! sorry you were having a bit of a blah day, i hope it's improved! i can't say that i've made any of the cookies from veganomicon, and i don't know why i haven't. the rum nog cookies sound like they have the perfect texture & taste go'n on. awesomesauce! i'll have to try to make some gluten-free so i can gobble them up. yay!

  2. Thanks Jessy, I am in a much better mood. These would be easily made into gluten free cookies.

  3. Now that's a cookie! Wow, one of that size would keep me happy for hours. :)