Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chickpea Crepes with Grilled Vegetables, cookies, etc.

Today is the start of another beautiful & warm day out here in California.  We need to enjoy this because cooler temps and rain our coming our way again.   I know we need more rain so I can deal with it, but these warm and sunny days like the ones we've been having are very enticing.  Bring on spring and summer, I'm ready!   Okay enough about the weather. 
Years ago I checked out from the library The Voluptuous Vegan cookbook by Myra Kornfeld  and tried quite a few recipes.  You should really check out that book!  Some have alot of steps but the end results are delicious!!!  This is the inside, obviously, of Chickpea crepes with grilled veggies(asparagus, zucchini, bell pepper and scallions) a layer  tofu cheese and topped with a spinach/basil pesto sauce. 
This is how it looks when it's all rolled up.  I was actually planning on making this for Valentines but hey the next day worked.  It's been so long since I've made this and the boys(husband and son) loved it as much as I did.  The chickpea crepes rock!   
I'm trying to take out as much wheat from Keaton's diet again. He's been complaining of his stomach and I asked him how long it's been hurting.  He said "It's been hurting, I just try to ignore it. "  I told him he shouldn't have to live with pain( he's only 12! but no one should live with constant stomache pain) and we'll just have to get a handle on his food situtation.  Anyways, I saw these gluten free coconut chocolate chip cookies from Jessy at Happyveganface and tried them out.  These are fantastic, both of us loved them.  Thanks Jessy!  Check 'em out on her blog.  The only change I made was replacing the chickpea flour with sorghum.
Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. poor guy! i hope the reduction in wheat intake will do the trick for keaton. i've never had a savory crepe, can you believe that? yours looks amazing though!

  2. those crepes look like they are the perfect texture!! yummm

  3. it's been forever and forever since it's been warm here. you can talk about the awesome weather all you want because it's cold and not a lot of fun here. sadface. but those chickpea crepes are making me superhappyfaced! they look amaaaaaaazing, JoLynn! i have heard nothing but good things about The Voluptuous Vegan - i think i'm gonna have to see if my library has a copy as well. fingers crossed! thank you soooooooooooo much for trying the cookies - hooooooray for you and Keaton enjoying them so much! yay! i'm sorry that his stomach has been bothering him, but i bet reducing wheat and gluten might help. i had IBS for over 20 years and it totally disappeared when i went gluten-free. i hope your week has been super stellar so far! hugs & happyfaces to you - and enjoy all that sunshine!

  4. omg, I keep meaning to make something from that cookbook (voluptuous vegan). those crepes could convince me to stop stalling, stat! what a dish!


  5. Those look so good! I have yet to master the crepe... I think I need to get a good pan.

  6. That crepe looks delish!

    And I was the same when I was younger, I would get horrible stomach pains and would feel so awful but I never bothered to tell anyone, I just thought it was normal! When I cut out gluten I felt so, so much better :)

  7. Whoa! Those crepes look insanely good... I was hoping to find the recipe on her website, but no such luck - guess I'll have to buy the book someday ;)

    I'm with you on the weather - I know we need rain and everyone here in LA loves it, but I'm ready for summer...

  8. Happyveganface is one of the best blogs EVER, glad you loved those cookies. Your crepes look stunning and I think it would be delicious topped with pesto. I'm going to have to make make those!