Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello everyone!  I'm actually getting ready to drive down to my in-laws to stay the night, my son has been hanging out with them for a few days, so we'll come back home tomorrow.   I get to go get my hair done, whoo hoo!  We've been living here about 1 1/2 years now and I still make the 1 1/2hr drive to get my hair done.  I'm just scared to try someone new, you know?  I go down south at least once every 2-3 months and so I get my hair done when I'm down there.  I also go get to see my friends new baby boy, I'm so excited!
Okay, this was meant to be a quick post.

A couple of my very good friends came out yesterday and look what I got!   How cute is this! These are Muir Glen Organic RESERVE tomatoes.  Did you get the RESERVE?  How special that is. lol!  I had no clue there were tomatoes that were RESERVE!  I know that wine that is a reserve is very very good.  Anyways these are canned tomatoes and I can't wait to use them.
Next up, homemade jams.  Lemon and strawberry.  Looking forward to using these as well.  I guess I'll be making some scones to use the lemon on.  Ummm I can taste it now.
Look at the cute snowman baker ornament!!!!
Thank you Dor, my friend.
Okay I really got to go.  Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!


  1. great package, homemade jams are the way to go! hey, if you found a hair stylist you like i say stick with em. it's ont like you have to get a haircut every week either, so it's a treat to go and do something nice for yourself every once in a while!

  2. Getting your hair done is such a treat and if you love where you get it done, stick with them! Enjoy your weekend!

    And I just realised you're on twitter, so I am now following you :)

  3. muir glen's organic tomatoes are so awesome and i imagine that the reserve tomatoes are the most glorious, fo 'sho! mmmmmmm! keep us posted on how yummy they are - i can't wait to read about what 'cha use them for, JoLynn! i don't think it's silly to drive an hour and a half to get your hair done. when i get my hair done it's pretty much a half day event! i schedule an afternoon off from work, bake a batch of cookies to bring in to the salon, splurge on a coffee drink for myself (a soy latte is a delicious rarity for me), and sit in that chair at the salon for a good 3 hours (my guy is the best, although he's kinda slow, but i think it's because we chit chat with everyone so much. ah ha ha!). it's the best! and were i to live further away, i'd still drive to see my guy. :) i hope your appointment was fun, your weekend = the best, and i'm just gonna add that i'm jealous of those homemade jams! mmmmmmm! the snow man is the cutest too. he's so happyfaced, i love it!

  4. Oooooh, lemon jam?!!! That sounds wonderful!! Have a great trip!

  5. Homemade jam is the best! My mom always made it growing up!! YUM!

  6. I love ya! :] I am so happy you liked your goodies. I am going to transplant my plants tomorrow. I'll get yours going so you can get it the next time I see you! HUGS!!!!!