Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a wrap!

So it's the end of another year! A time that we all seem to sit back and reflect on.
I have to say with the issues of the economy and how's it's affected so many of us. I actually think that it has brought more people in the communities together. People seem to be stepping up to help others out and I think that is a great thing. It also makes you think about what is really important. Wants or needs?

I'm sitting here typing and I'm getting a bit emotional because this year I've seen my son who will be turning 12 next month grow up so much! He has made some really good friends up here in our new town of just over a year. He started 6th grade at a new school that he loves and that is accommodating of his academic needs and is forming these kids to be kinder, giving and confident. His love of playing guitar has really increased as well, which I noticed in September. Even though he is becoming more independent he still loves to cuddle with us, hold our hand and give us a kiss in public. I'm hanging on to all of that.

My husband has found a dealership that actually appreciates him and is finally letting him make good changes for them. He no longer comes home not wanting to go to work. It's nice.

I don't really make any resolutions but there are some things I hope to do.
Taking even better care of myself. Try some new things. Try to be more confident, be more positive and enjoy life more! Also I hope my husband and I can become friends with some couples, even one, that we can hang out with.

A new love this year, Mighty Leaf African Nectar. My son was very happy to see this in his stocking and since it's on the pricey side I haven't had one cup, it's all his. It's so good though. You must try!

I hope for the animals this next year that people will WANT to be more informed about how animals are treated and that animals do feel. There have been some great books out this year and more in the news about the factory farms and how animals are treated. One question still remains. Is there such a thing as "humane" treatment of farm animals for food? I'll leave you with that thought and continue next year in another post.

Thanks to everyone for all of your comments on my blog and also for sharing your blogs with lot's of great food and information.

I also want to thank my girlfriends and those who have come to visit us in our new town! Love you all!

Have a very Happy New Years Eve!


  1. That tea is so good! Your son sounds like a sweet kid. I think "humane" treatment of farm animals is a step in the right direction, but there really is no such thing as "humane" when they end up being eaten! :(

  2. Lovely post, and great resolutions for the new year. Hope 2010 is a very happy, healthy, and successful one for you and your loved ones! :)

  3. Sweet post my dear friend. I love you too. We need to plan our first trip of 2010 very SOON. Hugs and love.

  4. happy new year to you, JoLynn! it sounds like you had so much to be thankful for in 2009, and i hope that 2010 brings you even more awesomeness! i too hope that people start to become more compassionate towards animals and also more informed about the truth behind how they are treated. i teared up when i read that. i don't believe there is any humane way to farm any animal - factory farming or even on those smaller "family" farms. letting animals live their lives and treating them kindly and with love and compassion is humane, not using them for our own selfish wants.

    i have tried the mighty leaf vanilla tea and very much enjoyed it - so i'm gonna check out their african nectar tea next time i need some more tea. mmmmmmmmmmmm! i hope you're enjoying your weekend and have a wonderful day!