Friday, December 18, 2009

Yummy holiday treats....

Howdy everyone! I'm running on lack of sleep today, who isn't right now eh? Yesterday I was busy making cookie dough, doing errands with my hubby and shopping. Then last night baking for my son's teachers. More coffee please!!! No I don't really need the caffeine from the coffee but the warm and strong taste hits the spot. Here are some of the baked goods I whipped up.

Pistachio spiced brittle. I'm really not a big candy eater. I do love a good dark chocolate, mabye a bit of caramel and I do love peanut brittle. I've tried to make brittle in the past but it was frustrating and burned just a bit. I was determined to try it again after seeing a picture of Hannah's Chai brittle on her blog. I found this awesome peanut brittle recipe and I got to tell you, this was so easy to make and didn't take long at all! Click here for the recipe. Alterations on the recipe were that I subbed Earth Balance for butter, golden syrup for corn syrup and used organic sugar.

Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies(Martha Stewart) & Rumnog cookies(VCON).
I so look forward to making and eating these ginger cookies every Christmas. If you love ginger well these use fresh & powdered ginger, and then chocolate!!!! Oh they they make my mouth happy! :) The only change on the recipe is using Earth Balance to replace the butter. There are no eggs in the recipe. I hope you try them you won't be dissapointed!
My next post I'll be teasing you with some pic's of some recipes I've been testing out out for Celine and Joni's new cookbook they are working on. Yes another cookbook from those wonderful girls.


  1. Ginger + chocolate = heaven in a cookie! :)

  2. oh my goodness - you've been baking up one helluva delicious storm! mmmmmmmmmm! i loooove those chocolate ginger cookies, and the brittle has me drooling. someone brought in some peanut brittle to work this week and of course it had butter in it so i didn't partake, but i'm totally gonna try that recipe - i'm glad it's super tasty and easy to make, too. that rocks! i still can't believe i haven't made the rumnog cookies - i need to get on that, fo 'sho! happy friday & enjoy your weekend!

  3. Ginger and chocolate is one of my favorite combinations, I'm totally going to make those beautiful cookies! THANK YOU!

  4. Oh yum! Those ginger and chocolate cookies sound, and look, fantastic! I might just have to see if I can fit a batch into my baking here before the holidays.
    Looking forward to see what you've been testing for Celine and Joni too.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog through Shelby's...great recipes, I've got to try them, especially the peanut brittle one- would make a wonderful homemade xmas gift! Your profile says you're from solvang? What a fun town! i'm from the bay area so i've been able to visit solvang a few times :)

  6. Ginger and chocolate cookies! I made some too. Only I drizzled the chocolate on top and also made some lemon glaze and drizzled that on the top too. Yummy!