Monday, December 28, 2009

The Monday after....

It's Monday and the family has gone. My in-laws left Saturday afternoon. My sister and her family(from Arizona) arrived yesterday afternoon and left this morning to go visit my parents up north. My dad has a lung condition, kind of like that mesothelioma, and it's getting worse. He coughs all of the time and there is no cure. So my sister wanted to go visit because she doesn't know when she'll be able to go back up there. are some Christmas pic's of the family.

My mother in law in her Christmas pj's. My father-in-law has passed over the job of being Santa to my mother-in-law. He says he's retired. I guess retiring from work also means retiring from a lot of other things as well. lol!!!

One of the sweaters we got for my father-in-law. He's a Football coach at Pierce College and he's always wearing the Pierce College sweat shirt, all of the time, even going out. So now maybe he will wear a sweater when they go out with their friends.

A very cool cast iron tea pot for my mother-in-law. She loves red, can you tell? lol! She drinks alot of hot tea and this will keep her water hot. I really wanted to keep it because this is the type of teapot i've been wanting for many years . Oh well.

My son opening up the "big gift" he got from us. He got a microphone and stand that he can hook up to his amp. Cleo dog being nosey as always.

After riddles from the in-laws that took us all over the house. We found an item covered up in the back of their explorer that we had to carry in. What is it?

Our first flat screen tv! Whoo hoo! They got one to fit into our cabinet. My father-in-law kept telling my mother-in-law that he knew they should've gone bigger. I just told them that there is always next year! hee hee hee. They got our first t.v. for us when we got our condo. way back when. Christmas dinner was nice. Plenty of food left over. Let's see there are fresh green beans, grilled asparagus, easy seitan cutlets with chimichurri sauce, bread, stuffed portobellos, butternut squash risotto and roasted root veggies. Yum it was all good!
We had a very nice Christmas as we usually do. It's also nice when you can stay home and don't have to drive anywhere.


  1. Awesome tv!! Sorry to hear about your dad's lung condition, that sounds awful. Belated merry christmas!

  2. Great present!! I'm sure you'll put the tv to good use. Sorry to hear about your dad.

  3. What a wonderful Christmas you had! And your food sounds delicious. Happy New Year!

  4. Nice photos Jo! I never realized how much Dave looks like his Dad.Keep us posted on your Dad. I am so happy that you got to have time with the family. Hugs.

  5. i'm sorry to hear about your father's lung condition, JoLynn. i'll keep him in my thoughts.

    that is nice to stay home and enjoy christmas. we did a bunch of traveling this year and are thinking of staying home next year. ah ha ha! we got all stressed out this year. well, i think i stressed out the most. opps!

    your plate of goodies looks most delicious and hoooooooooooray for a flat screen t.v. from your in-laws! they are too sweet! and that's so cool that you & your spouse giving your son a microphone & stand, and your mother-in-lay had me giggling (i too am jealous of that teapot!). looks like everyone had a wonderful time. yay!

    p.s. - Cleo = the cutest! i'd love to see more of him - i love pups!