Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday night outing and marble cake..

Happy Monday and first day of March.  Day light savings is coming upon us.  I can't wait!!!  It's been off and on rain over the weekend. Friday evening it started raining non stop through Saturday morning. Then Saturday night it was so flippen cold....burrrrr! More rain tonight or tomorrow.  Bring it on!
  Saturday night Dave and I went out.  Dave works most weekends, only gets one day off a week,so when he gets home early from work it's really nice.  Saturday night Keaton was staying the night at a friends house and Dave got home a bit early so we took advantage of the night and went out.  There's not a whole lot to do out here, there is a casino but we only go there to visit our friend who bartends at the nice restaurant .  We do have some really nice restaurants and some with cozy bars so we decided to start the night out at Mattei's Tavern, Los Olivos.
The tavern was built in 1886 as you can see in the above description.  Right now there are no rooms available to stay in but the most recent owners, want to add on and make it into an inn as well.  
Since we have company often it's nice to go and experience first hand all of the restaurants and bars in the area... you know so we can recommend places to go to... right? lol!    So here we have the bar area.  I found this pic online so that's why there are no people in it.  The place was packed when we were there!  We sat at this bar, had a drink and an amazing appetizer of the most awesome tasting spring rolls that were filled with crunchy veggies, layered on top of a fresh cabbage, bell pepper, mushroom salad/slaw with a spicy plum sauce.  I didn't take a pic but we keep talking about these spring rolls. 
Here is the picture of the Lobby.  Again not the night we went but to the right is where the bar is and there is another fireplace with a couple of couches and a coffee table in between that you can eat at if you wish.
After our drink and appetizer we moved on to one of our favorite places to eat, the Los Olivos Cafe.   We were seated  right by the fire. Very warm and toasty.  I enjoyed a nice glass of wine, salad and a tapenade, pesto, sundried tomato pizza.  What a nice night we had.

Okay now on to some yummy dessert.  Since we are only a family of three, unless I'm having company over, I will use my small bundt pan and it makes the perfect size cake.  Marble cake has been on my mind as of late so that's what I made.  The recipe I chose was by Mihl from Seitan is My Motor .   This cake is extremely moist and it's just so so good.  This is a keeper and one I will be making again for guests.  Since I used the small bundt pan I halved the recipe.  I think I will also use more chocolate in the mix.  I also topped it off with a chocolate ganache. 

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. what a cool place! wow that marble cake looks pretty killer. i agree it'd make a great dessert for guests, definitely a keeper! hooray for it being march, i'm so happy

  2. Wow that cake looks amazing!!! Looks like a great place!

  3. Wow, you have way better marble skills than I! Adding more chocolate is a great suggestion and of course, some ganache is just perfect.

  4. Oh, yum! That marble cake not only looks perfect, but so completely crave-worthy! Mine never look so pretty.

  5. I was checking out that cake on Mihl's blog, it looks awesome!

  6. i can't believe i forgot about Mihl's marble cake. it looks wonderful, JoLynn - and i'm glad it was so delicious! i've gotta find a way to de-glutenize Mihl's recipe, fo 'sho! it's raining/snowing here tonight, but when i read that daylight's savings time is coming soon i got all happyfaced. i can't believe i almost forgot about it. ah ha ha! on sunday it's supposed to be almost 70 degrees - wahoooooooo! i'm wishing for warmer sunnier weather for you, too! Mattei's Tavern looks so beautiful. i'd want to go out for a drink there quite often. very cool on the most delicious spring roll. your yummies at the Los Olivos Cafe sound divine - how nice that you and Dave got a nice date in. hooray!