Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Going Primal,new foundation and raw treats

For starters it's been so freakin cold out lately.  Sunny but cold. Burrrrrr! Okay weather report is out of the way.  Moving on....Primal Strips.
I have been given the chance to sample Primal Strips meatless jerky. They are Non-GMO, vegan/kosher, no msg and made from seitan/soy/shitake mushroom.  They are high in protein while being low in calories and fat.  They come in 6 different flavors as you can see.  My favorites are the Mesquite Lime, Hickory Smoked and Terriyaki.  The first time I packed one in my son's lunch he came home from school telling me that his friends all really liked it.   I know they all share their food with each other but I didn't realize so many of them would want to try it.  So you could say these are kid approved! These are perfect for travelling, hiking or biking.  Just throw them in a pack and you are set! 

I've been inspired by Katie at Chocolate-Covered Katie , it started with her raw fudge "babies". I know it sounds weird if you don't know what I'm talking about but they consist of a few raw ingredients that are blended up and rolled into a fabulous treat!  Like no bake cookies.  I finally attempted my own and oh they are so good!  These ones taste like an Almond Joy.  Now I know why she is always making these raw treats, they are highly addictive!  A great tasting snack without the added sugar and oil.  Gluten free as well.  I coated some with chocolate so it's like eating a my mind! lol! 

1/2 c. raw almonds
1/2 c. medjool dates(pitted)
1/4 c. shredded coconut
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 c. dark chocolate(melted)optional

      In a food processor add almonds and blend until chopped finely, not butter.  Then add the dates, coconut and vanilla.  Take out and roll into balls. 
If you dip in melted chocolate put on wax paper and stick in refrigerater until hardened.  Pack in airtight container.
Tuesday nights I don't usually make a time intensive meal due to Keaton's guitar lessons being in the late afternoon and it's also our night to watch LOST.  You know speaking of LOST, we finally got a little bit of the puzzle answered after all of these episodes!   I also had an exciting moment last night, well for me anyways.  It's when Ben is in the teacher role and writes "ELBA" on the chalkboard, Elba spelled backwards is Able, you know how there is all these secret messages and references in each episode.  Anyways, I was excited I caught it,  if even if it doesn't mean anything.  Bake to the food.   I had a few huge potatoes  sitting in my pantry so that's what we had.  Baked potatoes topped with sauteed swiss chard and mushrooms.  Filling and comforting. Yum!
The other day at New Frontiers, our local health food store, I found my new favorite foundation.  It's EMANI Minerals.  I've been preferring the liquid foundations over the powdered ones, so it's nice to find more of them out there.  It's always so hard to find a new foundation that works, you know?  So while I was at the store and I rubbed some of the foundation on top of my hand to try it out and when I got home to wash my hands I couldn't tell that there was any foundation on it.  I mean, it blended in so well!  I went back the next day to purchase some before we went out with some friends and it feels so light on the skin.  It doesn't feel like you have any foundation on at all.  It is a light to medium coverage.  It is also vegan and gluten free! This color is the Oyster Beige.  My skin is lighter during the winter months so I'll have to go to the medium color during the summer.  Check it out! 


  1. Primal strips...LOVE EM!!! These are wonderful (can't get them in a hundred mile radius of where I live-no kidding) but they are really good. They are also really good to have on hand when you go somewhere and only a salad is available to spice it up! Thanks for posting this as I hope for them to become more available... :-)

  2. That potato looks awesome!!!! And thanks for the tip on beauty products, as you can see from my blog post today, I am always buying something new!! :)

  3. i might have to check out that foundation, fo 'sho. i've always found them too heavy and some have even made my skin break out. sadface. dan and i haven't had baked potatoes in months and months and months. that's one tasty meal that will keep you warm when it's cold outside. mmmmmm! awesome on the primal strips being kid approved! dan takes them for snacks to his firefighting classes and said some of his fellow recruits were interested in them, he shared one and said it went over really well - i think it was the hot 'n spicy one. i do enjoy the primal strips and am glad they took the "wheaty" soy sauce they used to use. having a few gluten-free flavors rocks! your raw babies look damn delicious, JoLynn. you had me at almond joy. ooooh my goodness. yay! i love that you dipped a few in chocolate, too - brilliant and even more awesome. hooray!

  4. Those raw treats look fabulous! Yum.

  5. fudge babies rock my world!!

  6. Haha, Lost is so confusing!

    Those baked potatoes look awesome! I always forget about the perfect comfort food...

  7. I've been looking for a foundation like that! I'll have to check out that brand. Thanks!!



  8. Potatoes are definitely comfort food for me, and now I'm craving them like nothing else! Especially with a big pile of caramelized onions on top... Oh, I know what I'm making soon... They're just too easy to make and too good to resist!

  9. I don't know where to begin? Ummm; You'll warm up! YAY, Go girl and get Primal. :} I DO want a fudge baby! And, I can't wait for my swiss chard this year from the garden- you've given me so many awesome ideas for recipes.
    XO back at ya!

  10. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  11. Those little chocolate raw balls look fab!

  12. The fudge balls and baked potato look so good, I never think to make baked potatoes for dinner but I will have to during winter!

  13. Those look way more beautiful than when I make them!