Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm still here and with gumbo!

Howdy everyone!  I'm still here!  It's finally quieted down around here. Keaton is gone this week with the 6th grade class so it will quieter than usual.  No guitar noise in the afternoon.  Our dog Cleo sleeps with him at night so she is a bit screwed up already. 
Last week while I was doing yard work I pulled a muscle right above my wrist.  I have this nice swollen lump on my arm and if I start doing to much a shooting pain goes up my forearm.  So typing even isn't so nice and I tried mixing some mashed potatoes and wow that hurt.  Enough of my complaining.
I found this great new gluten free milk at Trader Joes a couple of weeks ago and I really like it.  My son doesn't like it as much as just plain rice milk but he's getting used to it.  I like to have a few different milks in the refridge at one time.  I usually have vanilla almond for my coffee, soy milk-for anything, and then usually a rice milk, hemp milk here and there.  This has 3g. fiber, vit.A, iron, b12, vit. D, calcium and phoshorus, no protein though.  Rice milk usually has at least 1g. of protein. The thing about this milk is I just wish that the amaranth, millet and quinoa were higher up on the ingredients list instead of the end.
Here is some gumbo I made.  I have been thinking of things I haven't made in a long time and this was one of them and I love gumbo.  This is my version from all of the ones I've made in the past.  This is made with homemade seitan sausages.  Keaton has had stomache issues of which I've spoken about and I try not to serve him alot of wheat products.  I think since seitan is pretty much just gluten it is more intense on his system because he totally had stomache pains later and also with the St. Patty's meal I made him.  You can use a firm tofu, which I have used before  and just broil in the oven to get a bit crispy on the outside, you can also use red beans.  This turned out really good, maybe a tad bit spicy hot more than usual, but that was just me using a heavy hand with the creole spice. hee hee

Veggie Gumbo with Seitan

1/3c. canola or safflower oil
1/3c. flour
2 1/2c. yellow onion, diced
3/4c. green bell pepper, diced
1/2c. red bell pepper, diced
3/4c. celery, diced
4 garlic cloves, chopped
2c. okra, sliced(I used frozen)
1/2 c. ale or dark beer
2 bay leaves
1 T. creole seasoning  or less
6-8c. vegetable broth/stock
salt and pepper to taste.
2 vegan sausages*(note below) sliced and browned in a skillet or firm tofu/beans
             (I have used a firm tofu before)
cooked brown rice

To make the roux in a heavy duty pot, I use cast iron, heat 1/3.c. oil.  Once heated up whisk in the flour until smooth.  With a wooden spoon continue to stir often over medium heat.  You want to make sure you don't burn the roux but you want it to turn a dark caramel brown and be thick. This takes patience and can take a bit of time but is important. 
When the roux is complete you will add to that, onion, red and green bell pepper, and the celery.  Cook until the onions start to turn brown. (I like to add a bit of salt to this to sweat out the onions, you don't have to add much but this way you don't have to add more oil).  It will look like this!  
Next stir in the garlic and okra.  Cook about a minute. Then you will want to add the 1/2 c. ale and let that cook down for about a minute or so.  Once that has cooked out you will add in the browned seitan sausage slices, creole seasoning and bay leaves, stir through then add in the veggie broth/stock.  Bring to a boil and let simmer for about 45min or so.  The creole seasoning I use doesn't have as much salt as some other brands so adjust the salt to your liking.

Once heated through and has become thicker serve over a bowl of rice.

*the vegan sausage recipe I use is Julie Hasson's and you can get it by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day!  It supposed to start raining tonight or maybe tomorrow for a couple of days but that's okay.


  1. I saw that milk today! Should of grabbed it! Boring me, I went for my usual Almond milk! Next time though. Sorry about your wrist. My hubby is having his checked out tomorrow because he hurt it a few months ago boxing and it still hurts. I hope yours gets better soon!

  2. I never made gumbo! I always tell myself to track down okra, but then I always forget. Hopefully your psot will remind me to do it this time :D

  3. hiya, JoLynn! i'm sorry to hear about your wrist - i hope it's 100% soon. shooting pain = sadface, fo 'sho. no fun.

    i make a trader joe's run every couple of months, and in thinking about it now i haven't been since maybe august. wow! when i go i'll keep my eyes open for that new milk, i'd love to give it a whirl.

    your gumbo looks so awesome! i loooove spicy and i'm gonna have to make it soon! i think i'll brown up some local tempeh and use it in place of the seitan. ooooh, it looks so yummy!

  4. Thanks for the kind comments about my wrist. It has just started feeling better I think cuz I gave it a rest yesterday by not cooking anything or doing much in the way of using it.

  5. That's some tasty looking gumbo. I've never had it before but I think I just might give this one a try. And the next time I'm down your way I'll have a lookout for that milk too. The last time I saw a milk with quinoa and amaranth in it here it was from Italy and cost over $7 a container!

  6. That milk looks great! I'll ahve to look for it at TJ's.

    Thanks for the recipe! I don't cook with seitan nearly enough.

  7. Great gumbo...I will have to try it.


  8. Sorry to hear about your wrist, hope it's much better now! The gumbo looks so good! :-)

  9. Mmm, this makes me wish I had some okra. Gumbo is awesome!