Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mofo#13/ Roasted Butternut on Mixed Green Salad

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  We've been enjoying our warmer day although we have to bundle up at night.

Yesterday evening I was alone for dinner so I roasted up the rest of a butternut squash I had with a bit of fresh sage, olive and sea salt.  I already had a salad made so I just made some good balsamic dressing to go with it. The dressing I found is here.  The only changes I made to it was that I added a few tablespoons of water and used organic cane sugar instead of brown.  This is a really great balsamic dressing. In a pasta bowl I put some lettuce, butternut squash, dried cranberries and pecans.  Then I drizzled the balsamic dressing and fresh ground pepper.  I Sat down with a nice glass of red wine and scrolled through the old movie section of Netflix and found, to my pleasant surprise, Summertime starring Katherine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.  What a great way to eat dinner and enjoy a classic movie before the hubby got home.

Tomorrow I'll be back with 2 different biscotti recipes.


  1. When I saw the post title, it just appealed to me. It sounded like a really nice combination. And I see I was right. This looks so yummy! I'm going to try that balsamic dressing too.

  2. Biscotti? Sign me up!
    Roasted butternut squash is one of my favourite things in the world.

  3. what a wonderful and tasty way to unwind, JoLynn! some of the best dinners i've made have been ones i've created just for me when dan's been out. i've never seen Summertime, and i've never had a dressing that's called for dijon dressing. i'm gonna have to give that a whirl - and watch Summertime, too. i looooove old movies. they just don't make the movies these days like they used to.