Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vegan MoFo day#16/Pasta Della California-Veganomican

We've been getting some of the best avocados from the Farmers Market, I mean just perfect!  They are also still so inexpensive right now that we keep a good amount in the house for salads and sandwiches.
With the weather being a bit warmer and having arugula and broccoli in the refrigerator I knew what I was going to make for dinner.  Pasta Della California from Veganomicon is one of our favorites.  The first time I made this I was skeptical about having warm avocados with pasta but the results were amazing!  Dave called me up yesterday and asked what the dinner menu was and when I told him, he was very very happy.   If you haven't tried this yet you must, I promise you'll love it. My mouth is watering again just wishing I had some leftovers to eat. 
Aren't these pomegranates beautiful!  My mother-in-law gave us about 6 when we went down to
there this past Saturday night to watch Pierce College play football.  My father-in-law is a football coach for them.  So anyways, she says it's too much work to take the seeds out.  This is the deal, it's easier to take the time and just seed them all at once and to put in a bowl and store in refrigerator.  They don't last long in our place and will probably be gone tomorrow.  Fill a big bowl of water, place in the sink and cut in half.  Then you just break and seed them in the water so there is no juice spurting out everywhere.  The result is tasty and great for you pomegranate seeds.  No added sugar and no concentrate, just pure crunchy with a burst of juice right in your mouth.    

Until tomorrow!


  1. Glad to know that pasta recipe is good. I've passed it over a few times because the combination did sound strange. Will have to try it now!

  2. thanks for the pomegranate tip, JoLynn. i picked one up the other day and then remembered how much of a mess i make with them. ah ha ha! i would be hesitant on warm avocado as well, but the pasta looks great and i'm more than willing to give it a whirl. my sister gave me my copy of vcon back just a few weeks ago so dan and i will totally make the pasta della california! might i add that i'm so jealous you have avocados offered at your farmer's market. i wish they grew in virginia. ah ha ha!

  3. I am still skeptical of that
    warm avocados....I know how that goes down...I am from the Caribbean and even if some heat touches it it is over for me...but I will take your word for it and the dish itself looks very appealing
    You will smile at my wed post with this warm weather eating.
    I never had those type...we have only the pink ones light pink

  4. That sounds like a great idea for a pasta dish...I am definitely going to give it a try. So jealous of fresh avocados from the farmers market....that doesn't even happen around here in the summer!

    Thanks for the pomegranite tips!

  5. Ooh I always wanted to make that, but never have a plentiful enough avocado stash. Looks great though!

  6. I never thought of putting warm avocado in pasta, I am curious now!

  7. Interesting combo, I never would have thought avocado would go with pasta. It looks good! I'll have to look up that recipe. :-)

  8. I also love pasta della california. Veganomicon really is one of my favorite cookbooks ever. Love those girls!