Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 19/ Sami's Bakery-GF sourdough bread

  Per Jessy at HappyVeganFace I ordered some great tasting GF-Bread.  It's from Sami's Bakery.
You have to try it if you can only eat GF-bread.

Yes that's right.  Sourdough!
You have to place a minimum order of $25 but that's okay for us cuz I'm just going to freeze the rest.  I ordered a couple of loaves of sourdough, the millet & flax bread and lavash.    Keaton loved it and I'm so happy he did.  We finally found a vegan GF bread that isn't heavy, dense and chewy.  YAY!\

Enjoy your night!


  1. Huzzah for GF mofo information pooling.

  2. That bread looks so light! I would love to find something like that, even though I'm not GF - just to try to keep the gluten down a little. Have a great weekend!

  3. That is amazing-looking gluten free sourdough! Ordering a lot and freezing is such a good idea, I love knowing I have bread in the freezer for whenever I feel like a sandwich or toast!

  4. I live in Tampa where Sami's is located. I've been eating their lavash wraps daily for a few years now. YUM.

  5. isn't it great, JoLynn?!?! we looooove it so much and buy many loaves at a time and freeze it as well. i was pretty disappointed with the vegan g-f bread options - they were dense and kinda dry and kinda had a funny taste. i gave Sami's a try on a whim one day and how glad i am that i did. totally changed g-f bread for me. sooooo yum! i'm glad you all are enjoying it. wahooooooo!

  6. Yay for finding GF sourdough bread! I was surprised that bread freezes so well, it's so nice to just pull it out of the freezer instead of trying to eat it all at once or throwing it out when it got moldy. :-)