Monday, November 22, 2010

Vegan MoFo day 22/Chickpea Patties and pumpkin bundt cake

Is everyone staying warm and toasty?  Whew it's been cold.  We just got a 24hr notice from the weatherman that we need to cover our plants because Tuesday night it's going to dip into the 20's.  Okay it's California people and here that is coooooold! 
The other night I made some chickpea patties.  They turned out quite tasty too I might add.
Keaton liked them served this way on a tortilla with mustard, lettuce, tomato and avocado. I need to find the recipe I wrote down as I was making these before I post it.   
This small bundt cake is made using the pumpkin spice cupcake recipe from VCTOW.   
A light glaze would be perfect over this.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for a few items I need for some Thanksgiving recipes.
Are you all prepared for Thursday? 


  1. I make a variation on some kind of bean patty at least twice a week for the boyfriend; he really can't get enough. They are always delicious and hearty. Your bundt cake looks delicious, I love pumpkin spiced anything!

  2. That bundt cake looks so beautiful! What an awesome colour! :)

  3. That bundt does look good.And that is a great recipe for it.

  4. i need a bundt pan, stat! your bundt cake looks delicious - even sans glaze, JoLynn! anything incorporating pumpkin - i'm game! i am most interested in your chickpea patty recipe, too! mmmmmm!

    crazy that it's cooler for you right now; today was pretty warm and i was wearing a tee-shirt and contemplating opening up our windows. stay warm & enjoy your evening!!!

  5. I love chickpea patties! I haven't tried them in a tortilla yet, it looks good served that way. Yummy looking bundt cake too! :-)