Friday, November 5, 2010

Vegan Mofo #5/Almond Milk & Tulsi Tea

Happy Friday and MoFo day 5!

Yesterday I didn't make much in the way of food.  My son Keaton has been home from school since Wednesday.  He started with a cough Monday night,Tuesday evening the dry coughing progressed and he was very tired.  At least he's able to sleep through the night. He had a fever yesterdaywhich I think was a good sign that his body is finally fighting, whatever is going on, off.  He had such a busy weekend last week and stayed up until the wee hours in the moring at a sleepover.  I'm thinking his lack of sleep didn't do any good for his immune system as far as fighting off anything he was exposed to. 

 I usually use Umcka cold care or Sambucus Elderberry syrup but decided to try a homeopathic one.  I know it takes time to work but I just wasn't feeling that it was doing much for him.  I went back to our local health food store and purchased New Chapter Immunity Take Care Lozenges, and
Honey Gardens Apitherapy Honey Wild Cherry Bark Syrup(the gal highly recommended this one).  The honey is raw and not heated so it contains the medicinal properties in it to fight bacteria and virises.  As a vegan to use honey is a personal decision.  Personally I don't buy much honey but when I do it's from a respected smaller farm and usually local.  As far as this syrup containing honey, I'd rather give this to my son than antibiotics or medication. 

So this morning he looks better, no fever, no dizziness, still has a cough and a bit of a yucky stomache but I think the stomache issues are linked with the coughing.  We'll see.

Homemade Almond Milk

So a  couple of weeks back I saw a video on The Plant Based Dietician blog where they made almond milk using filtered water and raw almond butter.  Talk about saving some cash, this is so easy to make.  Isn't it pretty? 

This is Holy Basil Tea which they call Tulsi Tea.  Keaton and I tried some this summer when we hit up the Farmers Market in Arcata, CA this summer.  This is just such a nice tasting and smooth tea with a bunch of great health benefits to go along with it! 

Office before painting. (Shelving was taking down already)
Office finished

I guess since my computer is back up and running, we finished our office and fixed our computer, I can finally
post our summer vacation.  Hey better late than never.  What a great month to post about it too since I have to blog like every day.  I promise I will post about it!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. Tulsi is so delicious. I love that tea.

  2. I have never heard of that tea. I must investigate. I'm a tea fiend.

  3. Oh, the office looks great!

  4. I hope your son is better soon. Think I will check out the tea. Beautiful blog.

  5. Aww hope he feels better soon :(. The almond milk sounds delicious!

  6. Your office looks great! I should probably cut out nightshades due to lupus, but I just haven't done it. I'm doing really well right now, but I wonder if I could be doing better.

  7. I hope Keaton is feeling great by now! Natural remedies really are the best way to go, IMHO.

    That homemade almond milk looks good. I'll have to give it a try as I've never made home-made vegan milk of any kind.

    PS Nice work on your office, it's so nice...

  8. I love tea..I must try and find that type. And your office looks great. Love the shelfing!

  9. That office looks great - love the colour.
    I hope Keaton is feeling better. And I would also rather see him eat honey than antibiotics!

  10. I love this idea for added crunch! I have some bok choy in the fridge. I think I may try it tomorrow.

    Posted by Dorissa to Dreamin' It Vegan at November 6, 2010 8:28 PM