Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vegam MoFo#2: Pumpkin Seeds and Leftover Chili

It's day 2 of Mofo.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  It's warming up again and is supposed to be in the 90's, crazy eh?  This won't last though and the nights have dropped in the 30's...burrrr!

Today I'm going to post about the pumpkin seeds I made last night.  I love pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. 
The first thing I did was to take all of the pumpkin flesh off of the seeds, and patted dry.  Then I  layed them out on a cookie sheet and put them in a 250degree oven for about 45min to almost dry out.
Once dried out I poured a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on them then sprinkled some dried thyme and sea salt.  Put back into oven and turned the heat up to 350.  These cooked about 20min. and I stired them around a couple of times to evenly toast. Wallah!  A hint of thyme and sea salt.  The cool thing is you can add any herbs you like or spices.  
 This is something I like to do with leftover enchiladas but for this I used left over chili.  First warm up the chili in a pot.  Then in a bowl add some salad, then the warm chili(or enchiladas), avocado and some chips.  I don't know why I like this but it's just a tasty way of eating leftover chili.

I'll be back tomorrow with more food!


  1. hmm healthy and snacky. I eat my popcorn once a year maybe I can try these pumpkin seeds. They look really really good and the spice combos I imagine are endless. I want some of those chips and chilli now

  2. I forgot what I needed them for, but I had to roast some pumpkin seeds and I nearly ate them all instead of using them in the recipe, they are such a good snack! I'm going to try them with your herb ideas!

  3. Great idea for chili leftovers. It looks so yummy!

  4. Love this! Also, tell Dave I think his Jack-O-Lantern rocked! I do the same thing with leftover enchiladas only I put the salad on top. My mom used to do that when we would go out for Mexican food.

  5. what a great idea for leftover chili - like a chili salad of sorts. i love it! i bet the contrast between the cool salad, warm chili, and crunchy chips is awesome! we roasted up our pumpkin seeds last night as well, but i never thought to season them with any spices. looks like i might have to make some pumpkin puree in the near future, save the seeds, and try spicing them up a little. did you say it's going from 30's to 90's? wow! it did something similar last week here as well - one day it was over 80 and then the next it was 50. the weather is so nutty this year. see ya tomorrow, JoLynn!

  6. We usually eat left-over chili in burritos, I love the idea of the taco/chili salad thing though. I'm like Jessy - I love the contrasting flavours and textures from the crisp, cool & spicy!