Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vegan MoFo#9/ Light Gumbo with Seitan Sausages

Happy Tuesday!  Today is going to be a quick post.  I have to clean up around here and I'm going to watch a movie with Keaton.  Yes he's home from school again. I went to go get his ears checked out and come to find out not only does he have fluid in the ears but he has strep!  He came home from school yesterday with a sunburn type rash and his hands/feet were sore.  The doctor said his throat looked red but that was it.  According to his other symptoms...strep. 

Yesterday's lunch.
Ezekiel English Muffin w/mashed white beans, avocado and tomato


Light Gumbo with Seitan Sausage

To get my recipe for my gumbo click here.  In making this gumbo lower in fat it also was a bit more runny than thick. I just used 2T. Olive oil and 3T. flour for the roux.  I only used 4 Cups of water and 1/2 a cup of pale ale(not dark) and 2 fresh tomatoes chopped.  I sauteed seitan sausage, chopped them and browned them in the skillet using olive oil spray.  The seitan sausage recipe was based on the steamed white seitan from Viva Vegan.  I just adjusted the spices accordingly and made 6 small loaves.
Enjoy your evening!


  1. I have heard a lot of good reviews of that seitan from viva vegan. When I get the book I must try it.

  2. Sorry to hear about Keaton; I hope he feels better soon. That gumbo looks delicious and so does that sandwich: white beans and avocado=yum.

  3. i'm sending Keaton happyfaced and healthy thoughts! that's no fun that he's got strep. sadface! relaxing and watching a movie together will be fun though!

    avocado smashed on any type o' bread = my favorite. ezekiel makes these gluten-free english muffins and i do the same thing. so yummy! i love your lighter version of the gumbo. it's probably been a year since we've had gumbo - and seeing your dish, and T's over at Vegan Soul Power, must be a sign that i need to get my gumbo on. mmmmmmmmm!

    i hope Keaton's better soon!!!

  4. Bummer for Keaton, hope he gets better really soon! The gumbo looks delicious! I love viva vegan, so many great recipes. :-)

  5. mmm the gumbo looks soooo good! its so cold out here right now..that would def hit the spot.

  6. ooo, gumbo! a nice heart winter dish. i've not made it in a while... definitely sounds tasty! it's funny how you forget about certain foods for like years... and then you are like, oh yea, i really used to like stroganoff!

  7. that looks hearty
    are u getting fresh okras where you are at this time of the year

  8. Poor Keaton! Strep is no fun at all, and can really hang on. Gumbo is a great idea - gets you all warm inside and out!

  9. I hope Keaton is feeling better. Having a sore throat and an earache is no fun. The gumbo looks delish, and now that I own Viva Vegan, I can make the white seitan from Terry's recipe.